TATri Vidya = TATri Philosophy
"God, the cosmos, whatever there is beyond this temporal reality, lives in the certainty of each of our hearts. The doubt is mental, the certainty comes from the Spirit, who guides us in infinite Holiness. Do not trust in me. Trust in the Certainty that resounds in your hearts, to my presence in you, as a mirror of the existence.

Do not trust in me, trust in the cosmos where I come from, where we come from.

 Do not trust in me, trust in the Divine Spark, which has generated us with the Certainty of life, and that sustain us beyond the certainty of death.

Trust… TRUST... nothing more than in what makes you feel these words ... not in the hands that write them or the mouth that pronounce them.

I am hollow lighthouse, which shines with the energy  that came from the inexhaustible source of The existence ... if you look at the lighthouse, you will get blinde ... look to the seconds of light, projected on your path under your feet..."


Om TATri Om


Jai ho


SatguruMAA PARAMAHANSA Sadhvi TrideviJi

"The light would not exist without the darkness in the duality 
that we are walking in this illusion!  
To trascend the idea of captivity we have to embrace the bars that we believe traps us! 
We are spiritual beings, particles of God, who choose this illusion by an intangible 'why', but perfect!
The most sacred of this reality, is to be human!
we should only embrace our human nature and be in it without allowing ourselves to be trapped!
we are passing through here! 
and soon, we will return to the contemplation of what we are beyond form!
Do not try to be spiritual, the mind can never be more spiritual  than the spirit that chooses it 
as part of this path.
You are a perticle of the same God you are looking for outside!
You do not need to look in a mirror to know that you exist!
Just close your eyes and see th life that choose you, here and now... and LIVE!
Bee Free!"
¡¡¡Jay Adi Shakti Ma!!!

Sadhvi Tridevi Ma