They are techniques developed and channeled by SatguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi under the sensitivity of her Siddhis (Divine gifts activated from birth), personal practice, academic training and scientific research. 

According to the definition of our TATri Mata Shree and verification with the response of all her TATri devotees that have already come practicing her different techniques some years ago, these are techniques for ALL people and for every moments of the life.
They connect us with the consciousness of what we really are, beyond what we think of what we are.

These techniques goes direct to the comprehension of the Elements available in all the manifestation of this reality where the energy that our SatGuruji flows, the energy of "Adi Shakti", where the physical form is NOT the most important and nor the name of any Asana that dispose to do, but the perception of the element to be worked sincerely in the present moment.

Some of more important TATri Techniques are:
  • TATri Kriya Pranayama: Consciousness breathing humor stabilization. 
  • TATri Padma Dhyana Open Mind: Meditation technique, meditative actitude.
  • TATri Yoga: The Yoga of the comprehension of the elements.
  • TATri AnnATATri Conscious Feeding System, one of the tools that belongs to the TATri Chiktsa, the TATri Natural Health System.
  • TATri MantrasChanneled Mantras and adaptation of Classic Vedic Mantras transmitted by our Shree Shree 1008 SatguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi TRidevi ji. 

In words of our SatguruMa Sadhvi Tridevi
"All the psychophysical techniques work with the elements, principally Yoga, but in TATri, the MOST important is the Comprehension of The Elements that is working in the present moment"

TATri aims to: "Simplify the practice, together with the harmonization of the Being, 
bringing to the conscience here and now of what we really need and feel".
Being able thus to recognize our own human nature and work it genuinely.

Is the pillar of the TATri Vidya:

"Being Genuine, take charge of what we generate being,
and if we can not take charge in the context that we are, 
don't Act. Just OBSERVE".

"Every step lived genuinely is a Dot of light in our Consciousness...
Every step with Consciousness is a Dot of light in our ignorance..."

As started above, all the techniques that TATri Ma has developed, 
impulse the conscient connection with the Divinity and
the inner human nature in every being, 
thanks to the infinite consciousness that flows 
from Our Satguruji in direct connection with the heart 
of the Supreme God and representing him in every step,
or as her direct devotees define Her, 
She IS the Divinity in herself, that walks between us.