TATri Bhajan Dhyana
(by SatGuruMA Sadhvi Tridevi Ji)

I present you All, "The TATri Bhajans Mantra CD":

🌟 All the mantras have been channeled and lowered to the Earth Through my heart, in the service of Our Supreme God since 17 April 2013, exactly one day after the first Training of Meditation "TATri PAdma Dhyana 'Open Mind"' Officially, until today... and here I share '9' of my "TATri Bhajans Mantras".

🌟 It includes into '11' total, joining with the mantra '10' which is one of the Vedic Mantras in honor of the different Manifestations of the universal Mother Shakti through Maha Durga, Being Very Common, at the Navratri Festival, The Nine Nights to The Godess.

🌟 And The '11'  which is the 'Simple' and Deep Mantra "BA'BA NA'M Kevlam" that has touched My Heart in the same way from the First moment that I have listened it and have been delivered to our Planet by Shree Shree Ananda Murthi, symbolizing that there is a single Father who is Our Supreme God, and that everything is Love, And I have given them nothing but the rhythm of My Heart.

🌟It is not too much to say, that I have chosen this Order of reproduction for a very important Energetic Factor. The Deep and harmonizing vibrational sequence.

🌟 I will only invite you to a sincere Practice by acquiring this CD or having access to this sequence of Mantras.
  1. Be Comfortable in a place with The right circulation of Air and oxygen.
  2. Do not dialogue with Your Thoughts and open to "inhale" all this vibration through yours ears.
  3. Do not inhibit the emotions, just observe all the meaning and experience the "Here and Now".
  4.  It is possible that your body vibrates. Do not fear, just surrender yourself to Observe.
  5.  After 40 minutes of "TATri Bhajans Mantra", Write what you have experienced. Nothing more.
🌟 Practice it every day. 
Each day you will be ready to live the next step. 
We will meet There, At the end of the Way, There is no option!

With Love 

Your Servant

SatGuruMa Sadhvi Trideviji.

TATri Bhajans Mantra CD: Ramon Rainjan Sosa: Mixing and ezcla y Mastering. Miguel Obando: Guitar
                                      SatGuruMa Sadhvi Trideviji: Voice, percussion and environmental sounds. 

👉click in each track to listen: