With the Grace and Blessing/Ashravad of my Shree Shree 1008 SatGuruMa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi JI, I share here about TATri Mantras. 

 Our Mataji, Divine Mother, is the Divinity Incarnated, He/She is the Avatar of Love or Prem Avataram: The one that Preserves without trying to captivate. Ever!

  Our Mother/Father Comes down once more to this Earth in body~mind form, Being the Supreme Consciousness, to Rescue Human Identity, being Example! Of what She preaches, the Sacred of what it is Being Human. 

  For this Purpose or Divine Function, and through the sensibility of her Siddhis or Divine Gifts, AND Her Consciousness, She channels the Spiritual TATri Philosophy or TATri Vidya that SHE IS. 

 Part of Her Legacy, for the purpose already declared, are the TATri Bhajan Mantras, which promote, as all and every TATri psico~physical technique, the harmonization and relaxation of the Being from inside to outside; and also Each of them has a specific purpose. 

  It is important to emphasize, that Our Beloved SatGuruMa channels the Maha Beeja Mantra on March 17th in 2013, in Florida, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Being this Mantra the First One of a Beautiful and Magical never ending list of TATri Mantras which come down through Her Sacred Heart. And even more, She has channalized TATri melodies ans styles to chant or sing Vedic Mantras and Bhudist Mantras. All and Each One of these Devotional Songs, is a possibility, a Blessing, a magical tool that conects us with Bliss Fullness and Supreme Peace Shanti. 

  We share today here:

  • Devi Mantra: Its purpose is Purification.

  • The TATri Mantra Music for mind and heart harmonization.

 • The TATri CD 'ON' which promotes the Harmonization of all chakras, activating and opening Kundalini Energy Ascension. 

  At Your Divine Lotus Feet, my SatGuruMa JI of my lifes, your TATri Mantra Acharya Maha Cheli Soma Devi Maa.


JAY MAA 💖🔥⛲👣🏵🙏🏼

👉Click on the images to listen to the TATri MANTRAS🎧🔊

TATri Mantra Acharya 
Maha Cheli Soma Devi Maa