TATri Yoga Parivar: Class with mothers or fathers with their children from one year to two.

Class in which parents have the possibility to start building a felt practice connecting with their child, allowing them to enter and leave whenever they feel it. The class is built according to the needs of each TATri partner, according to that present moment.
Before starting the class the adult should prepare the child a space with didactic toys for the moment that he/she saturates.
In this class the parents practice and the child can unite at the moment he feels. Mataji transmits to us that nothing imposed lasts over time, and that if the child is forced to participate, it can generate rejection of the practice.
As the classes go by, the children begin to recognize the space and to join the practice more and more, building a space in common with their parents.
Words from our SatGuruMaJi TATri Mata Shree:
"The possibility of understanding from a heartfelt and sincere practice the connection with their children!"

Technique developed by our beloved SatguruMa Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji, and transmitted directly to a direct devotee, instructor of TATri Yoga, Maha Bhakti Maya Devi.

  *By TATri Yoga Instructor Maha Bhakti Maya Devi