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“Om TATri Om, my name is Maha Cheli Bhakti Sitaram Dasi since my SatguruMAA welcomed me into her spiritual family.

I will never be able to return SatguruMAA PARAMAHANSA Sadhvi Trideviji in compensation to everything she has managed to do in my life and in the lives of my relatives.

I seek to give you a testimony as pure and sincere as I always do from my heart, without embellishing it too much with fancy words and romance. since I tend to decline a lot for my poetic and literary vocation to lose myself in it.

But not all therapies, visits to psychologists, psychic drug treatments, books or changes of lives have been able to achieve what by reading, experiencing and permeating through the TATri Treatise during the meetings with MATAJI. The work carried out later after the meetings and readings after the TATri Mata Pooja have been able to do something in my psyche that in all my life of searching and pilgrimage I have not found.

Well, it has been finding freedom. That long-awaited and elusive freedom that I have always been longing for my spirit so much.

In the first TATri Treatise I was not able to understand much of the message. Everything was confusing and no matter how much I read it again, I couldn't find that click that I did find in the second part of the book.

It's incredible how after all that path though the first TATri Treatise feeling like I don't totally manage to give light to my darkness, with the reading of the second it was as if a great light bulb will clarify and illuminate all that of my hidden psyche. So hidden that I was always very miserable and confused.

That was how I came to understand many words of my SatguraMAA that SHE always wisely told me and now they make sense in my story.

I can only repeat over and over again:

Aum Bagavate Trideviye Namaha.

Jay Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki .


Nothing more, and to be able to continue having life in this body-mind and resistance to honour my Heavenly DIVINE MOTHER the best that I can honouring her footsteps and her existence in this planet."

Maha Cheli Bhakti Sittaram Dasi
(María Isabel Sanchez Gaviria)
Sevilla - España  


Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

TATri psychophysical testimony:
My name is Dania Barrera Silva (DNI 33787049), and I want to share my testimony about the TATri Yoga retreat held in Nepal in November / December 2022, in this I will focus on the manifestation of the physical aspects since everything lived in a psychic/emotional way requires another testimony because of gratitude and how difficult it is to explain in words about what has been lived and felt, although it will be inevitable for me to stop mentioning it in the present, since everything is related.

I had the blessing and honour of being able to share 9 days and to be at the service of my SatguruMaa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Maa, 9 days in which she changed and improved remarkably not only my physical appearance, but my intestinal and cardiac health. Referring to the first, I arrived in Nepal with about an extra 5kg, with acute intestinal inflammation, where everything I ate, whether it was little or a lot, caused me discomfort, I was even ashamed of the noises that my intestines made after eating, added to an allergy in my back like a visibly unpleasant urticaria, linked to the same symptoms.

After the days shared with Mataji, of being and feeling her presence, where we could delight ourselves of the food that she indicated to us as healthy and necessary to counteract the local bacteria, vegetarian and gluten free, I can say that having been more than satisfied with each meal, not only did I lose 3kg, but all the discomfort, the intestinal inflammation that had been having for more than 3 months, disappeared completely. The skin on my back healed at the time of the retreat, vanishing all the allergy away. The most wonderful thing was that I didn't get more inflammation after each meal! the skin of my face even took another glow looking rejuvenated.

To start with the second point regarding my heart health, it is important to note that during the month of June '22 I experienced covid-19 for the first time, and on the days of transiting it, my heart began to manifest a 10% arrhythmia defined as 'extrasystoles ventricle very frequent in activity and rest, isolated, trigeminate and bigeminate for long periods' according to Holter studies and electrocardiograms performed when overcome the disease. In July, still with symptoms, I took a vacation trip to a very relaxing place that I really love and enjoy a lot (Tenerife), but, however, according to the study repeated a few weeks before traveling to Nepal, the arrhythmia continued and even appeared in EVERY ELECTROCARDIOGRAM performed. So the cardiologist referred me to an electrophysiologist from the Favaloro Foundation to determine if an ablation was necessary (he had already indicated me medication to reduce the arrhythmia in July but it had not given me results and since it was 10% it was at the risk limit). I told him that when I return from my trip, I would consult with the specialist. I came to Nepal with the mind still quite loaded with mental dialogue that did not stop talking to me but every minute shared with Mataji, my mind was surrendering more and more, contemplating and feeling everything that she transmits and IS. Every TATri practice performed in those days was a release for my mind and body, a caress and a sigh of relief for my spirit. I have no words to explain what it feels like to live near Mataji, but I do have proof from my heart when I return from there. A few weeks after my return, I went to the consultation and I performed two electrocardiograms at different times and a stress echo test, the result: there was no arrhythmia, there were no irregularities, there was nothing unusual. I couldn't believe it, the electrophysiologist doubted that I ever had them despite my previous studies.

Without a doubt, everything I experienced with my SatguruMaa and the TATri practices healed to a level that my heart knew how to express, everything that he and I needed, my arrhythmia had stopped and my gratitude was overflowing with happiness. The TATri retreat filled my heart of love, fullness, I felt that I returned to my own axis, the one that did not even know that was lost. Then, the arrhythmias may return or not, it will depend, as Guruji would say, on where I decide to focus my attention, once again today I am certain of what literally does good to my heart: AUM BAGAVATE TRIDEVIYE NAMAHA JAY MAA. Thank you eternally Mamaji.

Lakshmini Dasi
(Dania Yesica Barrera Silva)
DNI 33.787.049
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Ciudad de Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA


I want to share a more lived TATri Testimony next to my SatGuruMAA Paramahansa Sadhvi TrideviJi.

On the occasion of my mother's recent departure, Mataji asked me how I felt and when I told her that I was a little sad, she told me to take an immersion bath with a preparation that, among other ingredients, included a few drops of the auric protector prepared by Herself and that I always have on my personal altar.

I did everything as She told me, and at the moment of doing it, I felt a very strong anguish come out of me. It was like a deep sadness rooted in the depths of my being... something that seemed to have been with me for a looong time.

I cannot put into words what happened, I can only say that from that moment on, that sadness that I had left me and I no longer felt the pain that before overwhelmed me when I remembered those moments that I lived accompanying my mother in her last days.

I can only DEEPLY THANK my SatGuruMAA who has rescued and sustained me in difficult times with her maternal and inexhaustible Love!!!
Blessed IS our Mother TATri now and always, for all eternity!!!

Jay ho TATri Mata Shree ki!!!🙏
Jay TATri MAA!!!💕⚘️💗

 Maha Bhakti MahaDevi Dasi
 (Eugenia Pisano)
 DNI: 16.974.011
 Buenos Aires, Argentina



Om TATri Om

I was three months away and my cat was taking care of my house.

Every once in a while some friends came to see my house and my cat, to check that everything was in order.

The cat (Shiva - Vito) one day hunted a dove and left it as an offering on the altar, according to my friends.

To all this, my friend thought not to tell me so that I would not get angry with the cat.

After more than 20 days of the event, I found in a large part of the mantle that is has salt materialized on it.

In the same place where he left the offering.

Incredibly in these 4 years with Mataji I was able to watch so many episodes that this begins to be a bit normal for my mind, to what my friend with his eyes wide open told me... This is not something exceptional that never happens😵‍💫

One more demonstration of the miracles of manifestation of our Mataji. 

Maha Bhakta Naika Arjun
(Carlos Ariel Leguizamon)
DNI : 28.785.407 
San Luis, Argentina

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