PARAMAHANSA SADHVI TRIDEVI MAA -Mtr. TATiana Aleluia Freitas Martins-, is an INTERNATIONAL GURUMATA -international spiritual leader-, Maharishi and Main Representative of The "TATri SAMPRADAYA". Being Also the Founder and Actually President of The IUTYG"International Union TATri Yoga Gurukul"¹ -Organization member of the International Yoga Federation (IYF)-. Mataji is also Honorary Director of the International Yoga Alliance based in Necochea, Argentine. She is an ambassador of the National Yoga Association of India  and of the International Yoga Federation (2022-2025). ( see more details)

Recognized as a personality of Universal Culture, She has been named twice 'ILLUSTRIOUS CITIZEN and GUEST OF  HONOR' ² in the city of Potrero de los Funes, San Luis, Argentine, for her contribution to society and where her activities are declared to be of municipal and legislative interest. (Honorable Council, proj.nro.558).

Mataji has recently been awarded with 'ADI SHAKTI' award in India for her tireless service for mankind. 

She was borned in South America, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Those closest to her footsteps and service have witnessed supernatural events, or events that are not yet effectively explained by modern science, so both some spiritual brothers and close devotees have verified that MATAJI is endowed with divine gifts Siddhis3 and of these events there are family stories that confirm that they occur from a very early age. Thus, Mataji manifests these gifts from her birth and through them, in addition to her academic studies, she provides social and spiritual service around the world. ( see TATri Testimonies)

Sadhvi Tridevi MAA became a specialist by her own scientific inquiry as a natural investigator since childhood together with Her different academic studies in several universities and scientific research institutes dedicated to the Self and its Social and Familiar System; to which She has been invited to teach as well as giving conferences around the world. Including Brazil, Argentina, India, Spain and Sweden among others. She is a Specialist in Clinical Neuropsychology and Phobias, Specialist in PNIE (Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology), in addition to International Masters in: Molecular Biology, Human Cytogenetics, Dietetics and Nutrition, Cognitive Impairment.


Sadhvi Tridevi MAA is a Natural Siddha13, She is also a "Sadhvi" (Saint of the Classic Sanātan Dharma4) recognize by two traditions of the "DAŚANĀMI SAṂPRADĀYA"5 -known as the "Tradition of Ten Names", which has been rescued by Shree Adi Shankaracharya6​- 

SatguruMAA Sadhvi Tridevi ji, has been blessed with different initiations or "Dikshas11": Guru Diksha, Shaktipat Diksha, Sanyasi12 Diksha.
Traditionally, She has been initiated since 2007 by the Darmacharya Swami Maitreyananda Saraswathi, in Argentine, South America. In 2015, by the Shaktipatacharya Siddha Yogi Swami Nardanand Tirth Maharaj, in the City of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India and with the Blessing of Her "Lord Shree Mahakal" Beside the Shiva Linga of the World's Largest Mercury. On March 25, 2018, on the "8th." Day of the Navaratri10 -Festival dedicated to "Maha Gauri"- in the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, She has received what Mataji attributes as the "Maximum Blessing": Maha Ashravad, "the Diksha of the Shree Shree Shankaracharya of Dwaraka-Sharda Peeth Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati9.

In addition to the "TATri Sampradaya" that She leads, Mataji has been recognized by Three traditions of the Classic Sanātan Dharmaas TIRTHA, PARAMAHANSA, and SARASWATHI; which THIRTA AND SARASWATHI belongs to the "DAŚANĀMI SAṂPRADĀYA"5.

In the Kumbh Mela7 of 2019, in the city of Alahabad, India, Mataji was named as "Dharmasansad Portugal" by Swamiji Shree Avimukteshwarananda Saraswati8 himself: actual Shankaracharya successor of her Guruji in the DAŚANĀMI SAṂPRADĀYA5 at Jyotishpeeth; thus Mataji became the representative of Her classical Sampradaya in Portugal, Europe.
 Swamiji Shree Avimukteshwarananda & SatguruMAA Sadhvi Tridevi ji


Mataji is a meditator since Her 3 years old child when She received the Transmission by Her GranFather, wich She considers Her first Master.
With the pass of the years of conscious Seva, personal practice, scientific investigation and academic formation with the sensity of Her Siddhis, Mataji has developed different techniques ( see more details) that impulse the connection with the divinity and the inner human nature in every being.

All of Her techniques are worldwide recognized and wanted in the place were Yoga borned, Her Mother India, were Mataji is invited by Schools, Universities, Colleges and different Ashrams of recognized Gurues, to give Formations, conferences, programs of Purification and the blessing of Her Darshan.

In the last few years GurujiMA, beyond passing the most part of the time in Her Mother India, She is being travelling arround the world, giving Her TATri Seva, in different TATri communities that are getting more stronger every place were Her holy steps walk.
Her iniciations and transmissions consists in activate just with Her presence, Her Darshan, that IS beyond any technique or possibility of word, the "Consciousness of Adi Shakti", the energy that manifests in everything that is life and we can perceive psychically. 
This awakening of Consciousness, we call "Shaktipat (TATriPat Diksha)": The descense of the Consciousness of Shakti through the touch of our TATri Mata Shree to the open and surrendered heart.
For us, Her direct devotees, our TATri MATA SHREE is the representation of The God on the earth, feeling in our hearts the blessing we have for having the possibility of contemplate Her infinite example being the TATri Vidya or TATri philosophy that She IS with Her own life and bring us to the consciousness day by day with Her genuine walk on this existence.