TATri Padma Dhyana Open Mind, is a Meditative Attitude technique developed by SATGURUMA PARAMAHANSA SADHVI TRIDEVI JI. Based on the TATri VIDYA,  spiritual philosophy that She IS and sustains all the psycho-physical techniques of the INTERNATIONAL UNION TATri YOGA GURUKÚL, which She precides and has founded. 

All Her techniques aim to trascend the form and to promote the Consciousness of Preservation for the rescue of the Human Identity.

As She transmits to us, it's not another meditation technique more, but a TOOL FOR DAILY LIFE.

TATri Padma Dhyana aims to accompany the Self to surrender the mind to the present moment and thus be able to contemplate the meditatieve state that already IS in all of us. Mataji tells us: "No one can teach us to Meditate, we can only accompany each other in getting rid of illusion (Maya), and EVERYTHING we are comes to LIGHT".
TATri Padma Dhyana is fundamentally based on the MEDITATIVE ATTITUDE where it's about emptying the mind of dialogue and focusing on the OBSERVATION of the present moment through sensations. Mataji advises us: "Everything that takes you out of the present moment, OBSERVE IT and get out of there ".

Mental dialogue invariably leads us to the past-future, preventing us from connecting with the present moment, the only one that really exists. 

In the MEDITATIVE ATTITUDE, it's about surrendering the mind to the Will of the Spirit and flowing with what you really are. To realize that 'we are already at home', is to feel that the entire mental revolution to which we are subjected all the time it's NOT reality, although the mind makes us believe that it is.

by Maha Bhakti Mahadevi Dasi
(Eugenia Maikia Pisano)
TATri Dhyana Instructor
DNI: 16.974.011